We're stoked to be helping you answer some questions you have regarding video. We think between your founders unique backstory and content surrounding the SRT, there are some great stories waiting to be told. We've prepared a roadmap for you regarding what we see as opportunities for the Synack brand to connect with security professionals using video.


There are two versions of the roadmap: the Executive Summary total read time is around 5 minutes

Here is the Executive Summary.

Prefer a PDF version of the deck?

Here is a more in depth version for marketers

Prefer a PDF version of the deck?

Branded Content Whitepaper

‘Traditional advertising is about delivering features, benefits, and a USP through a product story, and then finding creative ways to connect that to people. Branded Content is sort of the reverse of this. It's about starting with people stories first, so what are the things that can help brands connect with the hearts and minds of their audience, and then thinking about how you can creatively link that to your product.’
-Avi Savar, Big Fuel