Sara Persson-PRODUCER

Sara Persson began her journalistic career at London City University. In 2007 she started working freelance for various radio and print media outlets in the UK, US and Sweden.

During her career Sara has done exclusive work on behalf of Sweden’s liberal daily Dagens Nyheter, together with the author of Gomorrah, Roberto Saviano. Following a period at the Swedish Foreign Office, she has reported for France 24 from inside Sudan on the Chadian rebellion, as well as from Italy on the Italian Camorra, and from Cuba.

Sara has conducted several high-profile interviews with people such as Jan Pronk and Jan Eliasson, both former special envoys to Darfur. She has also worked with the Swedish current affairs program Studio Ett where she featured together with Hans Corell, one of the founders of the International Criminal Court (ICC), when the ICC arrest warrant against the Sudanese President was issued.

n 2009 she covered the Lebanese elections on behalf of The Catholic Herald and worked as a contributing editor for Sayidaty English.

Sara Persson moved to the Middle East in 2008, and in 2009 began working for the Daily Nation covering the Middle East & North Africa. She reported on the reasons for the deadly Ethiopian Airlines plane crash near Beirut in 2009, Islamist movements in North Africa, Eritrean refugees in Libya and has been widely recognised in the region for her work.

In September 2010, Sara moved on to cover the conflict in Afghanistan, contributing to the BBC, Michael Yon and a documentary film project.

She is currently a frequent contributor to NBC 7 San Diego and writing a book about Post Traumatic Stress in soldiers with Folio Literary Management.