Mod Kids USA is a 15 Part webseries that follows these young drivers during the 2017 Lucas Oil Offroad Racing Series. All the thrills of off-road racing, coupled with the behind the scenes drama these teenagers experience makes it highly watchable and extremely shareable content. We are pleased to give you a sneak peek into the world of Mod Kids. We hope it resonates with your brand's message and we can work together to bring this project to life.

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‘Traditional advertising is about delivering features, benefits, and a USP through a product story, and then finding creative ways to connect that to people. Branded Content is sort of the reverse of this. It's about starting with people stories first, so what are the things that can help brands connect with the hearts and minds of their audience, and then thinking about how you can creatively link that to your product.’
-Avi Savar, Big Fuel