Fifty Square Feet Productions, has begun pre-production on a series of short documentaries entitled "The Little Things Project". The under 7 minute documentaries will focus on the disproportionate impact of small charities. Helmed by Emmy nominated Pieter Ten Hoopen, the "short doc" will enter principal photography November 2016.

First among the series will follow the creation and path to market for Loving Tabs T-Shirts being implemented by Emilio Nares Foundation (ENF). The shirts help kids undergoing chemo avoid a single hassle, the need to disrobe. We will begin with the impetus for the shirt's creation and explore how 501c3's are increasingly behaving more like companies and less like charities.

We will interview a number of personalities involved in their creation as well as Dan Pallotta, (17.5K Twitter) a respected voice in the nonprofit world advocating for more entrepreneurial activity amongst charities. 

Thanks for taking the time to consider our work. We really hope you like it. If at any time you have questions for us regarding the proposal, the concept of branded content or our approach to filmmaking drop us a line, we're super friendly.
Note: Feel free to share the deck with anyone you feel may be interested. We'd only ask that you use email or other private means to do so. 

See anything you like? If not, that's cool. 

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